Question of ignorance

SIR - The letter from Beryl Dray and Brenda Dunn (Sidmouth Herald August 20) led me to wonder whether the problem of people on the beach east of the Alma Bridge is an example of the lack of literacy and numeracy of the general public about which we hear so much nowadays, or whether it is simply due to ignorance, a lack of personal responsibility or of plain common sense. That beach is hardly a place on which to wander and picnic.

Are these people the same ones that cannot understand the regulations about dogs on the beach or that seem to think that the cycle path through the Byes is an alternative footpath? Who knows?

However, it seems pointless having advice, rules and byelaws if nothing is done to clarify or enforce them.

For example, how many people have not a clue about what 100 metres looks like? Some sort of post indicating the distance on Jacob’s ladder beach might assist.

Although the positioning and clarity of the notices about dogs on the beach could be reconsidered.

I am not writing this as a disgruntled cyclist, nor do I hate dogs and birds, but I do not relish sharing my swim with dogs, being pestered by birds seeking the easy pickings to which they have become accustomed.

As for the misguided fools under the cliffs, I just despair. Sooner or later they may learn the hard way.

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A J Garnett

Sid Lodge

Sid Road