Question of the number seven

SIR - Your correspondent, Mrs H Gohns (Sidmouth Herald, September 24) makes some excellent points and her letter supports the remarks made about the authenticity of the Bible, by Rod Boggia (Sidmouth Herald, September 10).

There is no doubt that there is something very special about the Bible which defies rational explanation.

Some material scientists, like Stephen Hawking and Richard Dawkins, try to explain away the possibility that God exists.

But theology, mysticism and metaphysics go beyond material science and the Bible supports this view, with the mysterious repetition of the number seven.

The number seven is a symbol appearing in other traditions too, because the forces it symbolizes are cosmic and universal.

That does not detract from the Bible in any way, but rather it enhances it as going further in its majestic and uniquely inspired wisdom.

There are many other writings that are not included in the canon of scripture and which some readers may find helpful in their spiritual quest, but, for most people, the accepted books of The Old Testament and New Testament are quite enough to be going on with.

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As Jesus Christ himself said: “Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.”

Miriam Brown


6 Lennox Avenue