Question of waste

SIR - Your last issue quoted Councillor Iain Chubb of East Devon District Council at some length on the matter of household waste - ‘Side waste warning’.

Like, I suspect, the majority of Sidmouth residents, my wife and I are punctilious about recycling glass, tins, plastic drinks bottles, paper and food waste. It is, therefore, only the residual landfill waste which goes into our wheelie bin. Despite that, the bin is often full after a fortnight. What’s in it; mostly packaging - cardboard and plastic in particular.

All the cardboard is recyclable. It would be much more appropriate to read of Councillor Chubb telling us that a recycling collection for cardboard was being introduced. Why doesn’t EDDC do that? It is a painless way of reducing landfill waste. I know we could take it to Woods Farm, but that’s more than three miles away. There’s no public transport, so another unnecessary car journey.

Incidentally, what does Councillor Chubb think of EDDC’s legal duty under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 to collect household waste?

Derek Parry

Southway, Sidmouth