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Re: “Adam and Steve” or, as you might better have labelled Mr Peacock’s letter about gay marriage, “David and Jonathan” (see the Book of Samuel).

Those with an unfortunate tendency towards homophobia should recognise that merely experiencing these feelings does not entitle them to display their feelings in public.

They have, of course, the legal right to act out such perverse views in private if that is their choice. But they really ought to make an effort to conform to the moral norms of our society.

They should at least read the Bible, which recommends love and compassion towards all human beings and also, in the words of St Paul, tells us it is “better to marry than to burn” (1 Corinthians, 7:9)

So a true follower of Christ and believer in God’s word will be glad that the opportunity for marriage is now being extended to all God’s people in this country.

Any gay or lesbian couple who want to celebrate their commitment to one another in church will find a welcome in the Unitarian church in Sidmouth, and in many other churches, as soon as the state has amended its misguided rules.

Meanwhile, it is our duty to offer sympathetic counselling to the homophobes who seem unable to repress their “instinctive” fear of normal loving relationships.

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Although they have no right to demand that the rest of us actively participate in their regrettable sex-obsessed orientation, they do merit our compassion.

It is fairly obvious what the cause of their anxiety is. It is not their fault.

Robert Crick

Glenisla Terrace