Reality bites!

Wake up to reality. In reference to the three letters in the Opinion section regarding religion, let’s get it clear: religion is a business. (Ref: Harpford Hall sale).

It has a CEO (pope, etc ); officers (imams/priests, etc); it sells a product (which you take in good faith).

The gospels that are quoted, do not convey all of the so called ‘teachings’ because many of the other gospels were destroyed before the Middle Ages as the then church did not like their messages.

Another thing, morality is not the property of any religion. You do not need to be religious to be a moral person.

Next, elections. If you continue voting for those you voted for in the past, don’t be surprised if you get the same result, which is a corrupt and distant government.

All MPs and their agents are in it for themselves and we, the voters, are their only way to get elected. We actually hold the power. Use it. (By the time this is printed I will have already voted UKIP.)

Talking about power, do you realise that through your (and my) ignorance, we have almost given away our birthright. Don’t believe me? Then go to ‘Meet your Strawman’ on the internet and it will prove me right. So, start to question things. ‘Magna Carta?’ What was all that supposed to be about?

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With regard to the homosexuality question, isn’t it strange how these laws are passed by people who appear to have had a privileged upbringing and schooling where this seems to be an accepted form of relationship and all for less than 12 per cent of the population.

What about the other 88 per cent, don’t we count? Talk about a distorted vision of equality! I just hope it isn’t made compulsory.

Danny of the clan Gauntlett