Rebate debate

SIR - Last week, David Cameron put principle and country first when he vetoed the proposed new EU treaty. It is disgraceful that the largest grouping in the European Parliament is now plotting to avenge this defeat.

Veteran French politician Joseph Daul, leader of the European People’s Party, revealed that he intends to demand an end to the British rebate as the UK had not shown “consideration or solidarity” at the summit on Friday.

Bullying and threats did not work on Mr Cameron last week; they have not worked on Conservative MEPs this week and they will not work on the Government in the future.

Even after the rebate, the UK net contribution to the EU is more than �6 billion. Unlike the last Labour government we will not sacrifice taxpayers’ money for a Fiscal Union (FU).

Mr Daul should concentrate on solving the Euro crisis, not issuing idle threats.

Ashley Fox MEP

via email