Redesign needed


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I have every sympathy with the residents living in the area of the Manor Road car park (“Tackling boy racers,” Herald, July 25, page one).

They have had this problem for many years and the police have tried without success to prevent it.

In my opinion the police should liaise with the planning department of East Devon District Council and redesign the layout of the car park.

Yes, this would cost a few thousand pounds, but a small amount in comparison with the thousands they are spending on their proposed move to the Exeter Science Park.

The question is, do we want to see an incident that has been reported in Plymouth when a number of boy racers driving on a commercial car park caused an accident which resulted in 16 people being injured.

No thank you.

While on the subject of boy racers, why are the police not dealing with those using Temple Street as a Formula One racetrack.

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Many years ago, when I first moved into Temple Street and we had “real” policemen, they were often to be seen using a radar speed gun in the street and curbing the speed.

They are not seen today, even though it has been reported in the Sidmouth Herald that they have such an aid which has been issued to them for use. Why do they not use it?

I have written to Tony Hogg, the Devon & Cornwall police and crime commissioner, concerning the obstruction vehicles are causing in Temple Street in the area of the pedestrian crossing.

I was informed that he was unable to assist, but that my comments would be passed to the chief constable’s office. I have had no comment from the police.

If they require my assistance in any way with the new layout of the Manor Road car park, they only have to ask

David E Ambrose

Temple Street