Regency period rules OK in Sidmouth

SIR - Back in session after a prolonged festive season break (necessitated by a requirement to accommodate the Chinese New Year celebrations), the Friday lunchtime review meeting, to discuss the Sidmouth Herald, reconvened last week at The Balfour.

We considered that the concise letter by G Clarke, which was an excellent historical summary of the Regency period, followed a few pages later by the informative ‘Nostalgia’ piece entitled Stepping back in time to the Regency era in Sidmouth, should have put paid, once and for all, to Robert Quick’s proposal to delete the ‘Regency’ tag from the town’s description.

The meeting was disappointed to read that the Planning Inspectorate had dismissed the concept of a veterinary practice at Sidmouth Garden Centre as this, it was claimed, would be unsuitable in this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). Having seen how the town has expanded up to the front of the garden centre, it is quite possible that the next housing estate will completely surround it. So much for the AONB and the lack of foresight exhibited by our planners!

Keith Simm

S&K Consultants, Yarde Hill Orchard, Sidmouth