Remember Rose

It was good to read in the Sidmouth Herald that the council are spending money to make the town look clean and more attractive – ie Market Square, toilets in Station Road, and Jacob’s Ladder.

Also, the Sidmouth in Bloom organisers work extremely hard to make the town pleasing to residents and visitors.

Yet, in the middle of the High Street, a building lets down the whole area.

As the owner of the old stationery shop SES appears to no longer have an interest in the building, perhaps he would like to donate it to the town and let it be called Rose House, which would be a wonderful memorial to his late wife.

In past years she gave a lot of her time to the town and I am sure she would be horrified at the state her old shop is in now.

It would even be a suitable place to have the library, with plenty of room to extend into the back garden – thus allowing the doctors’ surgery to expand. The building is in a very dangerous state – please act now before someone is hurt and we can be proud again of this once imposing property.

Name and address withheld

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