Resist builders

SIR - Re: The Sidmouth Community Centre incorporating Sidmouth Health Centre.

This is a good opportunity to have a spacious health centre together with a complete set up, having every group that a community requires, with ample parking for all function, relieving the town’s problem of parking.

Parking is becoming a major need in town and the Knowle would be very able to carry out a cure, alleviating the problem.

Many groups such as Help the Aged, Citizens Advice and many others could use the Knowle.

I understand that there is a fine ballroom in the building, ideal for functions, parties, also weddings and many more uses.

A fine restaurant could face south where cream teas with friends and dinners could be served overlooking lawns and beautiful surroundings with picnics on the lawn.

To the east where the road narrows on Station Road, this could be widened allowing traffic to pass comfortably (a dangerous spot nowadays), remake a pathway on the now grass area, plant trees and place seating among them making the area another picnic area where Sidmouth people and visitors could enjoy an afternoon relaxing, whilst traffic is passing down Station Road comfortably without squeezing past each other.

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There is no reason to spoil the Gateway to Sidmouth with more housing. Let’s keep our park areas as they are and enjoy them as our children will enjoy them for many years to come.

I’m sure that the EDDC knows that our green areas are of great value and we must not be led to build houses on them all. Look after our social needs as a priority and don’t let the builders have their way.

Dave Dorey

Peaslands Road, Sidmouth