Resite pitches

SIR - I, too, have long believed that the Blackmore and Sidford Recreation Fields should be returned to agricultural land. It is a relief to be able to come out of the closet at last and stand shoulder to shoulder with Name and Address Supplied.

Instead, the pitches should be resited on a brown field site by knocking down Sidmouth College.

This would provide the opportunity, in line with government policy, to set up a network of free schools within the town.

In fairness to the Rugby Club, they did try to solve the parking problem by offering to buy the hospital and knock it down to make room for a car park.

Although the offer was accepted in principle, they failed to get planning permission. Meanwhile, they have created extra parking space at Sidford.

However, the planners insisted on retaining a row of trees to hide it, for fear of another Dale Farm situation.

The reason the pitches are in use most days of the week is to keep the players occupied and off the streets, where they might be tempted to carry out reprisals against Sidmouth Herald letter writers.

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Retention of the conker trees in the Byes might help in this respect by providing an alternative, less intrusive, activity to rugby.

And as for dogs, bicycles and skateboards, well, obviously, they should stick to the cycle path and Manstone skate park. Failure to do so should result in a heavy fine for the owners.

Finally, forcing joggers and runners off residential roads at night and on to unlit, unpaved main roads, would be a useful way to cull these undesirables.

Here’s looking forward to April 1.

Terry O’Brien

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