Returning to the joys of living in Sidmouth

SIR - Dogs in the park? Folk in the town? Whatever next - fish on the beach?

On returning from a fantastic holiday abroad, we decided to take a walk along the prom. The wind was bracing, the waves crashing on the shore.

As we approached the Port Royal end, we could see lots of people gathered by the railings. On getting closer, we noticed several unattended fishing rods lined up along the prom. Curious, we looked over the railings, to see several young lads on the beach, waving arms, hooting and hollering, pushing each other, running back, screaming every time a wave crashed on the shore, threatening to soak them. Peering closer, we realised that there was a very large dead fish in the water, gradually being washed up by the tide. Puzzled that they didn’t take shoes and socks off and wade in to get it, we heard one cry, ‘I’m not getting wet for a ****** fish!’

Another was trying to fasten a hook onto it from his line, eventually managing it. The lads hauled the beast onto the beach and up the shingle. It looked like a very fat eel or a cod with a long tail- I can’t say, as I am not an afishiannado! The boys triumphantly carried it off, each holding a part of the large aquatic monster. They wanted to weigh it, but their tiny scales were inadequate for the task. They were last seen staggering across the road with it, towards the sailing club. I think I saw a man on the balcony gesticulating to them, ‘You can’t bring that thing in here!’, but I could be mistaken.

We walked off with broad smiles, full of the joys of having returned home to Sidmouth.

Alison Kerruish

Frys Lane

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