Right of reply to criticism

SIR - I am pleased that I live in a country where we are allowed “Freedom of Speech”. I will reply to each of those persons whose letters were published and criticized my letter.

Firstly, there is Mr David Cooper. I do not question the fact that Mr Wedderburn was the driving force behind the construction of the Clifton Walkway, but to say that he was solely responsible for raising �500,000 for the Sidmouth Lifeboat is an overstatement. The majority of this money has been donated to the Sidmouth Lifeboat from large bequests being made by deceased persons and donations given by local residents and visitors who recognize the need of this service, with which I agree.

Mr Brian Black obviously has a beef with the Sidmouth Town Council, the substance of which I have no knowledge. At no time did I suggest that a Pedestrian Crossing be placed in the road. My suggestion was for a table top walkway to be placed at the west end entrance to the gardens, similar to those which have been placed in The Strand Exmouth and would appear to be working well.

Mr G T Bungay. The people to whom I have spoken are mostly people who I have met while I am walking my dog in the town. I am no longer a town councillor and have not discussed my views with any of them. Many people are of the opinion that both my wife and I are Sidmothians. We have only lived here since 1989, but, during that time, we have both assisted many residents with their problems.

The simple answer to this argument is for Mr Wedderburn and his supporters to submit a planning application for a bridge and to abide by the decision arrived at by the elected councillors of Sidmouth Town Council and East Devon District Council.

I trust that this brings this matter to a closure.

David E Ambrose

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88 Temple Street, Sidmouth