Right priorities?

Your readers are invited to compare two pages of the Herald of November 29.

Page 3: “Food bank in urgent need of more help”. We are informed that, on the previous Friday, 61 people from the Sid Valley needed (and received) help from the food bank.

Page 6: “Have your say on how £250k is spent on sports projects” (the italics are mine). The town and district councils have a pot of money to spend and wish our advice on how to spend it!

Well, to use a well known and misused phrase, “rocket science it’s not”.

Please don’t patronise me by quoting the terms of reference of Section 106 funding – 61 people probably don’t care about sports provision all that much if they haven’t enough to feed their families.

But it’s alright – we will have a million bulbs planted in the valley and our (National Health) hospital will have a new porch partly funded by a charity. Oh dear. We are asked to vote on the fate of the “£250k” on Late Night Shopping Night. I hereby abstain.

Ian Thompson

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