Rock fall alert

Please find enclosed a photograph taken on Sidmouth beach during FolkWeek, of two young people and their dog sitting under the fallen rocks which had come down there that morning.

I couldn’t walk away without saying something as I felt if more rocks did fall and hit them I would be just as guilty as if it were me there with them.

A man standing with me said he would go and tell them in case they had missed the two big signs. When he returned he told me their response was ‘We were just waiting to see a rock fall!’. My response was ‘Have they no sense at all’.

The next day my friend and I were enjoying the festival at the Ham and I went to see if anyone else was there on that beach, and yes, there was a whole family sun-bathing with young children. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Fresh cliff falls had come down again that morning so I was told.

Why, oh why can they not see how dangerous it is? Why doesn’t the council lock the gate or state ‘No Entry’ on to this beach, as the other big red notice does not seem to do anything for their imagination. What is wrong with people? Are they just mad or dim?

Beryl Dray

Primly Road, Sidmouth