Rude and unkind

I am 10 years old and my mum read some of the letters about children in Sidmouth to me.

I would like to put my point across about the old people in Sidmouth who can be rude and unkind.

I have been taught to respect my elders in all areas of my life and to behave in an appropriate way that any situation requires.

However, I have found that ‘my elders’ often do not do the same. I always say excuse me, please and thank you – unlike them. I never push in front in a queue – unlike them. I never interrupt a conversation – unlike them. I never complain about them, even when their mobiilty scooters are in the way on the pavements or I am told to be quiet on the beach!

I love Sidmouth and I love the people that live here, but I don’t love being sneered at for being a child in a town that can easily be a haven for all of us.

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