Rugby penalty!

SIR - Many people object strongly to rugby being played on the agricultural land, but do not say so openly for fear of reprisals (as with this).

With the existing facilities, they already have to put up with abuse, horrendous noise (shouting. whistle blowing, screaming) most days of the week - and that’s just the adults.

Doors and windows have to be kept shut, even in good weather, to keep out the noise.

Vehicles are parked all over the place, on pavements, taking up valuable road parking for those not lucky enough to have their own driveway and sometimes making it difficult for residents to get in and out of their driveways

With this comes the constant banging of vehicle doors being opened and closed.

Quite often there is parking space at the facilities, but participants clog up and overrun the residential roads.

Then there is the noise of sports participants running and walking around in their studded boots...and the mud left on pavements and outside people’s houses after the activities, not to mention dogs being left to run around the roads and on to people’s gardens...and riding bicycles and skateboards.

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On training nights, clubs use residential roads to do their training!

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