Rule of law won’t let us tackle gulls


- Credit: Getty Images/Hemera

If Stuart Hughes thinks seagulls nesting on floppy blunt spikes in Scarborough is impressive, I can show him nests where they are nesting on razor wire in this town.

The attempt by the town council to frighten seagulls by hiring a falconer has proved a dismal failure.

Chicks are visible on the cafe roof adjacent to where the well-fed hawk sat and was mobbed by seagulls, who clearly were not in the least disturbed by its presence: £15,000 pounds of public money wasted.

This year, with increasing nests on our roof, we tried a contractor who oiled the eggs in the nests.

Another failure, not least because the EU has banned the chemical he used to use.

The only potential remedy left would appear to be netting the property, and I may fall foul of planning laws.

This is ugly and detracts from the beauty of the town.

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Enough is enough. We need action. If the law prevents us carrying out a cull then the local government should be lobbying for change via the MP.

Lawrie Brownlee

Fortfield Chambers

Station Road