Salacious report!

SIR - Was there a paucity of news in Sidmouth to write about last week? (February 4 2011). Did you feel unable to write about the many and various horrendous road works that surround the town?

Were there no vandalised car wing mirrors to write about? Was it too boring to report the first snowdrops and daffodils appearing in the town? Had you no chatter (which you do so well) about the rumour that Caf� Rouge might be opening in the town?

I mean, was there a lot of empty space to fill? Was that why you devoted half a page of salacious gutter journalism about some young Exeter man who had clearly social and psychological problems? Bordered in blue with a headline designed to attract attention that article would have been more fitting in the worst of the national ‘redtops’ but not the Sidmouth Herald.

Come on, pull your socks up, you can do better than that.

Frank M Eul BSc FRICS

Harcombe House,

Harcombe, Sidmouth