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SIR - We are writing in response to the letter that appeared in the Friday, November 4 issue of the Sidmouth Herald, entitled “Scout HQ ‘folly’”.

We would like to address some of the issues raised and show how important a new hut is for 1st Sid Vale Scouts.

The location the hut is to be built on is the field that we currently use for activities. We have been using this field for a number of years and so the location is not an issue for the group, the majority of families sharing transport. Scouts use the Salcombe Regis location as a good opportunity to walk or cycle to meetings, which, as an organisation, we always encourage.

The issue of lighting has already been addressed by the planning application. The new hut will use low-energy lighting, which will be more beneficial to the environment than the floodlights that we use currently.

The field is used all year round, as opposed to just the summer. We push to show scouts the benefits and fun of the outdoors, regardless of the weather, and hold meetings there for as long as we possibly can. We even have a “Frosties camp” in February, where the scouts build their own shelter and camp overnight. However, when the weather is too cold, we are forced to use the hut in Manor Road, which is too small for the amount of scouts that there are (waiting lists in every section!) and restricts all outdoor activity, due to its location within the Manor Pavilion car park.

We hope that this shows why it is so essential to build the new hut at the activity field and ask you to please support us in gaining a lifetime dream for the group.

Rachael Hill, Explorer Leader, Lions Young Ambassador,

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Sarah Hill, Explorer, Sidmouth Young Citizen of the Year.

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