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I read with interest Mr Braithwaite’s proposal to move the folk festival activities to Salcombe Hill (Herald, October 18, page 1).

As it would involve the use of the Salcombe Regis recreation ground I trust he has consulted with the scouts; not to have done so before going public would be a grave discourtesy.

It may not now be generally recognised that with the agreement of the trustees (the town council), the scouts were given the use of the field for 364 days a year, with the country fair having it for one day.

The reason for this was that the scouts took over a derelict field that nobody wanted – it was covered in molehills, deep ruts, and some scruffy grass, and had been used for very rough grazing; there was a broken down hut.

Now that the scouts have created, and maintain, a lovely flat field, in first class order, there is bound to be a tendency for others to want to get in on the act.

By next August it is to be hoped that the scouts’ new building will be going up and that those dedicated people who give so much of their time to the scouts will be able to give an even better service to the young people of our town.

CKM Smith

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