Seagull’s ode

‘The Seagull’s View’

The seagull looked down from its perch on the cliffs

At the two-legged creatures below,

A strange kind of animal, clumsy, quite tall,

But devoid of both feathers and fur;

Inferior, clearly - it didn’t have wings,

Nor a beak or a sharp, curving claw,

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Compared to the seagull’s, its call was not loud,

And its movements weren’t graceful at all.

Yet one thing about this dull creature was good,

It provided some int’resting food!

The gull had to steal this of course, that was true,

But it seemed to be easily cowed;

Into space the bird soared, swooped down on the beach,

Squawking loudly and flapping its wings,

The victim was panicked, and so from it’s ‘kill’,

A pale yellow; warm, object was robbed.

Back up on the rock-face, safely beyond reach,

With enjoyment, the chip was consumed,

No need to get wet in the glittering sea

When those things on the seashore brought this!

Below on the promenade, strange noises rose,

As the flightless ones tried to take flight,

They fled under cover, the gull didn’t mind,

There’d be others before it was night!

David J C Wheeler