Secret fund to pay for projects

SIR - Yet again Lib Dem MEP Graham Watson boasts of how transparent the European Union purports to be - not unexpected from a man whose party is dedicated into taking Britain deeper and deeper into a Federal state.

So let us look into just how transparent the EU really is. It has just been revealed that a secret fund of �400 million was set up to pay for projects. These were projects deemed to be “confidential” and therefore not exposed to scrutiny. So what are these “confidential” projects. One of them was for a London-based group to explore evolving global, social and technological shifts. A mere snip at �124,000.

Or how about the �162,000 that was given to a group of street artists whose act involves the iguana four-step and the brilliant smelly foot dance.

No wonder they kept it secret. More than a quarter of a million pounds spent at a time when everybody in the South West is facing a period of financial hardship and jobs are at risk.

Can Mr Watson understand the very real anger people feel when they see their standard of life threatened while the EU dishes out �166,000 of a street circus project whose aim is to “strengthen international understanding.”

Perhaps if Mr Watson took a deep breath and stood back from his constant criticisms of UKIP -the only party today that stands up for British interests - he may find time to ponder on what his own party is doing.

William Dartmouth

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