Seen from space

Please can you pass on my thanks to the relevant committees and authorities for the new signage informing me of the peril of the Sidmouth river crossing.

I have always had some confusion as to the safety of driving through a river and was given assurance a few years ago with the installation of eight metal poles to stop me from unwittingly straying from the protected route across the 25ft (7.62m) safe passage.

I am very conscious and aware of the warning signs at the end of the roads informing me of potential road closure.

I even liked the addition of the 6ft (1.82mt) placard notifying me that the impenetrable door was closed (complete with flashing orange and red lights).

The addition of a new gate was again most helpful to stop me unintentionally trying to open the gate to drive through the raging torrent.

However, the new permanent light stating Ford Open, with a similar lux value to a blast furnace, is hard to comprehend.

The saving grace is that Sidmouth Ford can now be seen from space. This, unfortunately, does not help me now with this image permanently etched on my retina.

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Adrian Ricketts

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