Sidmouth Folkweek

SIR - Once again, I find myself coming to the defence of Sidmouth FolkWeek as yet another narrow-minded resident can’t bear to see other people enjoying themselves.

I thought I’d put my point across earlier this year when I wrote to you saying how much we and other local residents do enjoy the festival.

I wasn’t going to answer D Johnson’s email until I got talking to an 82 year old gentleman who was deeply offended by it. He used to thoroughly enjoy FolkWeek with his wife and family, but is now unable to attend as he is housebound due to illness.

I know quite a lot of elderly residents who miss going and I also know a more fortunate 88 year old gentleman who is still able to join in singing with other performers.

As for the financial side, during the present economic crisis, I would think the Festival is vital to prevent more shops, hotels and public houses from closure.

Annette Brown