Sidmouth Hopper: a plea for a fee

SIR - Last week, I posted a letter to you re the Sidmouth Hopper.

I suggested passengers using the service should be requested to pay a token �1 per person.

If 10,000 passengers were enjoying this free service, then perhaps they would be prepared to contribute this token fee, which could go towards its upkeep and some other projects around the town, which would benefit everyone. I believe the peacock flower arrangement was almost abandoned, but, in the end, it was so appreciated that money was raised to continue it.

I also believe the Sidmouth Voluntary Ambulance offers shopping tips for the elderly and infirm who do not live on the bus routes and pay �1 for this service.

With this charge for a necessary visit to the shops, etc., I see no reason why the Sidmouth Hopper should not do likewise.

Jillian Downer

Tyrrell Mead, Sidmouth