Sidmouth is a jewel on the coast

Sir - I read with interest, Derek Parry’s reasoned support for the arguments put forward by Sidmouth Chamber of Commerce chairman Richard Eley for not granting planning permission for apartments at the Fortfield site.

Both of these prominent businessmen serve the best interests of Sidmouth, but it would seem money talks louder and, apparently, more effectively.

Linked to this letter is one from Jennifer Corrick, of Seaton, in wishing to continue the debate about a much-loved pub, the Old Ship, becoming a coffee house.

She advises your readers that they should be ‘appreciative of the fact that national companies want to come to Sidmouth.

The fact, as far as I am concerned, is that the appeal of Sidmouth as a seaside town lies in the individuality of its small independent retail outlets which appeal to residents and tourists alike and keep the money in the town.

To change that format is to put at risk the long term future of this ‘jewel’ in the Jurassic Coast. Think on.

Gordon Denman

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