Skateboard youngsters put to rights by PCSO

SIR - Complaining, being critical, we all do it. Therefore, it is only fair to give credit where credit is due.

We have had a problem with youngsters skateboarding outside our premises. This is noisy for us and not free from danger for them, as traffic is always passing.

On previous occasions, I have asked them to move on and they have politely done so. On this latest occasion, my request was met with rudeness and refusal. I telephoned the police and was told that they would respond, but it may be in an hour.

I was not, therefore, filled with optimism that anything would happen. How wrong I was. After they had left, I was phoned by PCSO Steve Blanchford-Cox. He asked for specific information and said he would cruise the area. With his local knowledge, he and his colleague located the offenders and let them know, in no uncertain terms, that their behaviour was unacceptable, would not be tolerated and then visited to talk through what would happen if we had any further problem.

My wife and I were immensely impressed, considering this particular problem was, perhaps, minor, relative to so many other issues at a time of government cuts.

Well done the boys in blue. You are a credit to the service and, as far as we are concerned, much appreciated.

Gordon Denman

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