Skip this idea?

SIR - I write to suggest that one way to greatly reduce the incidents of fly-tipping is for the local councils to place a skip in strategic places around the county, i.e., small towns, villages, hamlets etc on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

Now that dustmen will not collect extra waste left beside bins, people who cannot make it to the dump, gardeners who resent paying more than the job is worth to dispose of green waste, local ‘DIYers’ who cannot carry heavy goods and/or those who do not have cars etc., etc.

Some of the reasons why a skip would not only benefit people who hate fly-tipping in their beauty spots, but those who perpetrate this dreadful and expensive habit, which costs the council more to take away and to clean up before the next load is abandoned. Cornwall does it, why not us?

Naomi Naylor