So unnecessary

Sir - I was interested to read an article in the Sidmouth Herald dated August 26, which discussed FolkWeek and the sale of items “not deemed appropriate to the festival”.

These included ‘fun snaps’ – a type of throw away firework that makes a small bang on impact with the ground.

Your readers may be interested to know that my friends took their labrador to Sidmouth during FolkWeek.

Every time they took a walk along the seafront, or around Port Royal area, my friend’s dog was terrified by children throwing ‘fun snaps’ on to the pavement.

It seems to me that these ‘fun snaps’ do not do anything to enhance the festival. It is a pity if people’s enjoyment of the wonderful Sidmouth FolkWeek is spoilt by something to trivial and unnecessary.

Richard Cosgrave

96 Greenside, Eastfield, Northampton