Some clarity on hospital building?


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I wonder if your readers can explain why planning regulations appear to apply to some and not to others.

Why, for instance, have the numerous infringements of the terms of the planning permission for the recent building work at Sidmouth Hospital been ignored by the district council?

In the absence of any action on the part of planning enforcement, why, when pointing out these infringements, have some residents of All Saints Road been subject to abuse and indeed threats from the workforce?

Why has the installation of a potentially dangerous bottled gas store at the rear of the properties gone ahead when the application (14/0757/VAR) is still ‘pending consideration’?

Why has the site manager claimed that permission HAS been granted? Does he know something we don’t?

Why has no action been taken by any local councillor to protect the interests (and safety) of their electors, and why is no criticism of this building work and the Comforts Fund (which has partly funded it) permitted in the pages of your newspaper?

Is part of the reason, perhaps, an imminent deadline for the job to finish? Or perhaps, the conflict of interest of one district councillor who sits on the committee of the Comforts Fund (but does not mention it in any declaration of interest form)? Or is there another reason?

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I would be grateful for some enlightenment (apart, of course, from the light that comes into my bathroom at night from the hospital’s new ‘porch’!).

Ian Thompson