Some flood chief!

You kindly reported the fact that my vehicle and property had been damaged by the recent storms (“Sea defence damage plea”, Herald, December 27, page 3.)

I wanted to highlight my concerns regarding the sea defences as large pebbles from the sea had been whipped up onto the Esplanade and across the road.

Apart from damaging property, which can be repaired, there are more serious implications by large pebbles being thrown across the road at speed.

There are vehicles travelling along the Esplanade and there are guests staying in hotels on the seafront.

I’m not scaremongering, but if someone is seriously injured, God forbid, then I don’t want to be in the position of saying “I told you so.” Prevention is better than cure.

I was therefore somewhat disappointed by the flippant comments made by Councillor Hughes, which I found somewhat condescending and arrogant.

If these are the comments of an educated man, who I understand is the flood chief for Devon County Council, then I fear the worst for our town’s safety and the rest of the Devon coast. I urge the county council to appoint somebody who actually gives a damn and can reassure us of a safe future.

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