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I am writing to protest about the objection to planning for the noticeboard in Old Fore Street by Sidmouth Town Council. I believe the reasons given were:

1. That it is a hazard for delivery lorries.

2. That it is too untidy.

With regard to the first objection, I would like to point out that this is a pedestrianised precinct and that pedestrians, therefore, have priority.

This is the whole purpose of a pedestrianised area and poses no more danger than looking in shop windows.

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On the second objection, I would suggest by comparison that the noticeboard in Old Fore Street is very tidy. It is also well used by a number of local organisations, including the Manor Pavilion, which I believe is owned by either EDDC or Sidmouth Town Council.

Manor Pavilion is currently displaying notices for: Variety by the Sea, The Matchmaker and Alice in Wonderland.

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Other notices on display today on this noticeboard include:

– Sun Life Saving GB.

– Sid Valley Memory Café.

– Sidmouth Parish Church.

– Art exhibition, Mackarnass Hall.

– Spring fayre, St Teresa’s Hall.

– Charity art exhibition, Kennaway House.

– Table top sale, Sidmouth Sports Centre.

– Trip to Eden Project, Sidmouth in Bloom.

– Sidmouth Jazz Club.

– Christian Aid sale, Methodist Hall.

– Sidmouth Community Market.

– RNLI Exmouth’s Great Bake Off.

– Car boot sale, Rotary Otter Valley.

– Eco Explorers.

– Art for Auction, Children’s Hospice SW.

– Sidmouth College table top sale.

– Monthly organ concert,UR Church Hall.

– Citizens Advice Bureau.

Plus several SOS notices.

I think you would agree that these are all worthwhile causes. This noticeboard is extremely well placed and I have heard from local shopkeepers that a lot of people stop and look at the notices, so there is clearly a demand.

Far from refusing planning permission, I would suggest that this should not only be granted but given permission to add a further panel as there is a clear need for additional space if noticeboards become untidy.

The reason why they become untidy is because there is not enough space to meet everyone’s needs.

Marianne Rixson


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