Special dates

I was interested to read this article about the town council doubling its grant of £100 and would like explain the background.

I created the Parish Church Patronage Fund some years ago and it gives the opportunity for patrons to commemorate a date special to them – for example a marriage, baptism or death of a loved one.

The donors contribute to the upkeep and running costs of the fabric of the church building for that special day.

When the scheme was first started the sum was £35 for one day, but costs have risen and many patrons have increased this sum to reflect the rising costs of maintenance.

In the case of Sidmouth Town Council they have generously increased their donation to £100 and the day commemorated is special to all of us – November 11, Remembrance Day – when a service is held in the church on the nearest Sunday.

Sidmouth Parish Church is not only a place of worship but an important place for town events and concerts and a place where people can visit and quietly reflect on their special days.

We much appreciate the donations we receive to help keep this lovely building in good order.

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As the leaflet in the church says: “We owe it to each other ... and to those to come.”

Philip Hughes


Sidmouth Parish Church Patronage Fund