Start of war is no cause to celebrate


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I note that the start of World War One,100 years ago , is to be commemorated.

I find this odd. I think we should commemorate the end of that horrific war, not the start. I was told that commemoration is not a celebration?

I purchased a commemorative medal for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee, 1952-2002. Inside the card it was written: ‘A royal jubilee is a time for national and local celebration’?

I have studied some statistics on Google. Total killed – 5,142,631, wounded –12,800,706; not including prisoners and missing.

Total casualties, including all countries – 37,466,904. I include some percentages of some countries. Casualties of mobilised forces; British empire 35.8 per cent, Russia 76.3 per cent, Romania 71.4 per cent, France 73.3 per cent. Total including all countries was 57.5 per cent. I feel we should not commemorate the start but the end, then we can fly our flags.

Jack Brokenshire

Via email