Still a big issue

When buying my copy of The Big Issue from my regular seller in the local area, I noticed he was not his usual cheerful self.

His reply when I asked why surprised me. He said that people ignored him and he struggled to sell his magazines.

Sometimes he felt he would be better off begging on the pavement.

The Big Issue was set up by John Bird and Anita Roddick’s partner (Body Shop) to help people who had fallen on bad times (often through no fault of their own – death, health problems, job loss, separation/divorce, mental illness, etc).

Big Issue sellers are actually working: it is a job! The money helps them to pay their way and get back on their feet.

I encourage people not to dismiss them out of hand, but to support them. It costs £2.50 and is a good read. And remember that there, but for fortune, go you and I.

Mrs A Hammer

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