Still flummoxed!

I read Allan Bowers’ thought-provoking article (Herald, November 15) because it touched on an aspect of Christianity that I have found especially puzzling.

I refer to the tenet that one should take no thought for the morrow (Matthew 6).

Allan argues that what is really meant is that one should plan for the future but should not worry about it.

That would make much more sense but I am not sure how comfortably Allan’s gloss sits with the parable of the prudent farmer (Luke 12).

He built barns for his expected harvest and was then called a fool because he would die before he could gather his crop.

That seems like an encouragement not to think, and prepare, for the future.

That can’t be sensible. I’m still flummoxed!

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The last time I ventured an opinion on a religious topic in your column I received an anonymous letter.

The author seems to have construed my honest enquiry as a malevolent attack.

Although her message was controversial, I would like to thank her for putting a stamp on the envelope. No mistake ,we get a better class of anonymous letter writer in Sidmouth!

Ken Bridgman

Connaught Close