Stuart done good

I was dismayed to read that Councillor Hughes had been deposed as chairman of EDDC’s overview and scrutiny committee.

Councillor Hughes has been most helpful supporting me in my efforts to prevent motorist parking their vehicles illegally on single and double lines in Sidmouth, especially Temple Street (“A dangerous road”, Opinion, May 17) where there is a problem with speeding vehicles and the long-time illegal parking of vehicles, which the civil enforcement officers appear unable to deal with.

Temple Street is part of the A375 main road into Sidmouth. Therefore there can be no pinch point or road humps to slow the traffic.

The obvious cure, in my opinion, is to change the existing pedestrian crossing into a traffic light-controlled crossing, which would slow the flow of traffic.

In addition, the unlawful parking of motor vehicles should be prevented.

I am of the opinion that because of Councillor Hughes’s efforts to improve the the flow of traffic via his position at Devon County Council that some people at EDDC dislike this and have ousted him from his position.

This appears to me to be an obvious case of cronyism! One should remember the good that Councillor Hughes has achieved in the past, although not to everyone’s liking.

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As far as I am concerned his main achievement is the fact that for the third year running the Tour of Britain cycle race is coming to Sidmouth, and this year a stage starts here. This brings people and cash to the town.

Thank you for the good that you have done.

David Ambrose

Temple Street