Support for forces day was fantastic

I would like to thank all who attended our Armed Forces Day on June 28.

The legion started to set up and mark out the area required at 7.30am on the day, soon to be met with our local cadets.

By 10am it, as you know, started to rain very slowly and, looking towards Peak Hill, it looked as black as a badger’s arm pit. We were very fortunate that it did not descend on us. By 11.30am the rain had almost stopped (perhaps with the intervention of the Reverend Philip Bourne – also the Reverand Robin Laird – getting in touch with head office?).

The parade formed up outside the Co-op store and stepped off at noon – led by our town band on to the Ham Green.

It was so good to see so many organizations taking part, in particular the youth of our town. Having formed up on the Ham Green, the Reverend Bourne started the service with standards being laid on the Drum Pile, this then being called the Drum Head.

Our local college was set the task of producing poems, the best two of which would receive a cash prize. The first poem to be read was by young Thomas Varley.

The second poem was read by Lauren Brewster. I would like to thank once again all those who attended this year’s Armed Forces Day. In particular, I should like to congratulate young Tom and Lauren for their well thought out poems.

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Well, what more can you say about the excellent service that the Reverend Bourne gave; it was so well produced (even holding back the rain until after the service).

Finally, thank you to all who assisted in making this event go so well.

Semper fidelis

Dave O’Connor

Chairman, Sidmouth Branch The Royal British Legion.