Support for SOS

As a frequent guest to Sidmouth, in Devon’s pleasant land,

I walk along the beach front amidst rock and sea and sand.

The quaintness of this English town and the happy local folk.

A proud, defiant honest race with hearts of English Oak.

The blessed fields and farmlands and the hills that curve and roll,

The winding roads and country pubs bring peace upon one’s soul!

But now a treasured piece of Sidmouth, a majestic English scene,

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Where mighty trees stand tall and proud in grounds of luscious green,

Are under threat from planners who wish to desecrate

The parklands of the Knowle and impose an ugly concrete fate.

“Oh Lord preserve us,” the trees cry out, “This land ne’er despoil,

For future generations you must save this sacred soil!”

Unity is your salvation, beauty must prevail,

So heed the Sidmouth SOS and the developer will fail!

March as if in battle and raise the rallying call

“We must not be defeated, not one tree should fall.”

Support the Sid Vale Association and in your heritage rejoice,

Thwart the EDDC wreckers and let them hear your voice.

Preserve what is your birthright, tear up the planning text,

For if this vandalism goes ahead just where will they build next?

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