Thank you Sidmouth!

SIR - The Rotary Clubs of Sidmouth and Sid Valley would like to thank all those, who so kindly contributed to our Christmas Tree of Goodwill collections, for their generous donations.

This will enable us to donate a massive sum of �1088.78 to local children’s charities, helping children from Sidmouth. In view of the appalling weather, it is a testament to the generous people of Sidmouth that so much was donated.

In addition, we must also thank Ian Barlow, of The Sidmouth Garden Centre, for supplying the Christmas tree, Bill Lancaster for the loan of the music system and Lee Taylor of Sidmouth Tyres for the loan of the power supply.

Sidmouth has once again shown its true colours.

Thank you Sidmouth.

David Mason, President, Sidmouth Rotary Club

Paul Dowen, President, Sid Valley Rotary Club