Thanks for hospital help

May I on behalf of the trustees of The Sidmouth Victoria Hospital Comforts Fund thank the local community for their tremendous support in our phase 5 appeal.

The appeal was launched in November, 2012, for £255,000, much fundraising was carried out by the trustees and we were very fortunate to receive some donations and legacies.

Local businesses have supported our appeal as have other organisations.

Over the last 25 years we have asked the local community for support, you have always given massive assistance to take our hospital from a cottage hospital to a thriving community hospital with excellent caring staff.

There has, in the last 12 months, been much disruption to local residents to which of course we apologise.

Our aim has always been to give Sidmouth the hospital it deserves, bearing in mind always the bureaucratic involvement.

Due to the excellent support from you we have formally closed our appeal fund reaching our target of £255,000.

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Graham Vincent

Chairman Comforts Fund Trustees