The Byes - a special place

SIR - I am sure that I am not alone when I say that we don’t say “Thank You” for The Byes and all the changes for the good over the years.

I first walked through The Byes in 1961 when I lived in Sidmouth with my parents and brother at what was then Tia Maria Guest House opposite The Byes. I married a Sidmothian, then I moved away, but not for long.

Over the years, The Byes was that special place to be, for anyone of any age. Now after all those years, I am in a wheelchair and have been for 12 years. My husband pushes me from the Toll House to Sidford and back on many a Sunday.

I am saying thank you for such a beautiful place. In June, I am having a new knee, at last, and I am looking forward to walking in The Byes again. I can’t wait.

Sitting in a wheelchair can open your eyes up at everything around. The birds singing and the squirrels running about. I have even seen a Kingfisher on two occasions.

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The paths are kept tidy, are lovely and wide and we all appreciate The Byes and that’s why I am saying thank you to everyone who helps to make it the place it is today, for all of us who go there, for whatever reason.

Yvonne Tuckwell

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