There has to be a limit, chaps

A lorry going through Cotmaton Road in Sidmouth. A concerned resident said the proposed footbridge p

A lorry going through Cotmaton Road in Sidmouth. A concerned resident said the proposed footbridge plans nearby will cause major traffic problems in the area. - Credit: Archant

With the ongoing saga for a Peak Hill footbridge, from the Manor Road car park to Connaught Gardens, I am wondering when the frustrated duo Messrs Wedderburn and Black will concede defeat (“We’re being fobbed off!”, Herald, April 12).

Unless compliance with minimum height requirements are met, Devon County Council will, correctly, ignore the application.

Campaigners cannot short-circuit the system to achieve their uncompromising aims to push through their proposal without creating problems for other residents on Sidmouth’s west side.

I am referring, of course, to the inevitable DIVERSION notice.

With the continuing increase of online shopping for home furniture and lightweight insulation materials, to name just two, it has led to delivery by high-sided lorries (some towing trailers). These vehicles delivering light but bulky items are especially packed out for the purpose.

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A high-sided truck, unable to reach properties from a low footbridge location, to the last property on Peak Hill Road, would have only one option: turn right at the Peak Hill Road/Manor Road junction, travel east down Manor Road to the Glen Road/Manor Road crossing, then turn left and proceed up Glen Road (passing the line of parked vehicles) to the Glen Road/Cotmaton Road crossroad. Turn left and travel up Cotmaton Road to its junction with Peak Hill Road/ Foxes Corner...

That is if the high-sided vehicle (possibly towing a trailer!) can exit it.

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Don’t hang around for the return journey.

Reg Cooper

Cotmaton Road


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