They are bedder!

After years of waking up stiff and sore on our old cheap mattress, plumped up with a variety of makeshift foam pads and toppers, we finally saved enough to invest in a decent one (£400).

We researched many beds online, and large retail bed stores, comparing price and make, build quality and technical specification. The truth is, you have to lie on it, with the right pillow.

We had seen the Sidmouth Bed Centre adverts in your newspaper, but we assumed their prices could not compete with large retail outlets.

Not so, they were better! So we took a trip over there, and found our perfect mattress.

It’s changed my whole perception – the knowledge and experience of the staff, the great customer service, and massive choice made it so easy.

They were happy to pull many different mattress out on to a bed base for us to try, until we found “the one” and then we found our perfect pillow too, because believe it or not, the pillow and mattress have to work together to create the best sleeping position.

I realised it’s been 20 years since I’ve felt complete sleep comfort. Can’t believe I have waited this long.

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The reason I am telling you this simple story is to challenge the misconception that independent shops are more expensive than outlets and online – who cover their adverts with big red sale signs, when actually they are still a premium price.

It’s a waste of money to buy online, because you can’t be sure it’s comfortable.

We tried lots of lovely looking mattresses, but you’ll only know it’s right if you can completely relax on it, even the shoulder muscles that don’t like to let go!

Oh, the delivery was included, on a prearranged evening – perfect if you work during the day. It was carried up and put in place for us by the same wonderful staff.

So we would challenge anyone who thinks they can’t afford to buy a mattress at an independent bed shop.

Sidmouth proved their prices, expertise and service to be better than online – they are 100 per cent deserving of the trade and well worth a visit. Thanks for listening!

George Fareday

(via email)