They don’t listen

The countryside is increasingly at risk from inappropriate, out of control development caused by inadequate planning policies, a weakening of local democracy and a focus on short-term economic growth regardless of the environmental consequences.

There appears to be a growing arrogance within the EDDC, who often are not listening to those who voted them into their positions.

Thank goodness for our independent councillors, who are not anti-development but are fighting to stop this total takeover by developers and in turn the overdevelopment of our beautiful Devon.

The Government’s localism agenda has been seriously undermined and I am deeply concerned that local views are being ignored to the detriment of valued and irreplaceable countryside.

While I recognise the need for economic prosperity, should this be pursued at any cost to the environment?

If we don’t stand up for the countryside we will lose it. I encourage your readers to sign the Campaign to Protect Rural England’s new charter, which demands better protection for the countryside, a fair say for local communities in planning for the places where they live and work, and more housing – in the right places. See

Mrs Jenna Carpenter

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