They’re parasites

So the Rev Wheeler is not keen on seagulls being called vermin.

Well, what about parasites?

The Oxford dictionary defines parasite as: an organism which lives in or on another organism (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the other’s expense.

The church often crusades on behalf of the poor. If they class poor by monetary income then there are very few poor in society today.

The bloated benefits system makes sure of that. And we end up cultivating the White Dee class.

Yet again, the church supporting parasites.

Man has not caused the gulls to nest on our rooftops. They choose to because they are parasitical opportunists.

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It’s our fecklessness and feebleness that allows them to dominate the town.

If the Rev took his head out of his celestial clouds and came back down to earth he would see his flock plagued with:

– Gulls causing sleep deprivation and the related illness from lack of sleep.

– People in a high state of anxiety through thought of attack.

– Damage to property, transport and clothes.

– The spread of disease.

Then he could ask his God to smite these parasites down. Because the council and the useless hawk man ain’t going to rid us of these parasites.

Jane Bedford