Threat to town

SIR - In a letter headed ‘Up your game’, I was concerned to read the views of the lady from Seaton.

She may enjoy coffee from a national company like Costa, but, remember, it’s groups like Supermarket chains that have destroyed many town centres, not to mention the loss of a very good pub.

My other concern is her view that a Wetherspoon’s would be good for the town, giving Mr Family Man and Mrs Day Tripper somewhere to go for a reasonably-priced meal.

Wetherspoon’s recently set up in the beautiful town of Malvern, in Worcestershire, much against the wishes of the majority of residents. Mr Family Man and Mrs Day Tripper go nowhere near the place, as there is usually a police car parked outside and a room full of drunks inside.

In many ways, Malvern is much like Sidmouth. Don’t let it happen here.

Alan Weaver

Nutbourne, Boughmore Road, Sidmouth