Time for reflection

I am writing in relationship to the article which appeared on page three of your newspaper last week involving Roger Giles who has been a local councillor for more than 20 years.

I find it somewhat bizarre that one of the Ottery St Mary Town council representatives has been reprimanded by his colleagues for divulging that a secret meeting with a potential developer and councillors was being held out of public scrutiny and that the minutes from the meeting would also not be placed in the public domain.

Apathy and a lack of trust in our representatives elected or otherwise is at an all-time high.

It now appears that the Ottery St Mary Town Council think it acceptable to be holding secret meetings with potential developers.

Many people in Ottery and the surrounding villages are very concerned about the number of significant developments taking place at this time and surely it is in everyone’s interest to have a healthy public debate on these matters.

It is encouraging that there are still public officials like Cllr Roger Giles prepared to make a principled stand on an issue and I hope that the seven councillors (Paul Carter, George Hansford, John Harding, Lynn Harding, Ian Holmes, Paul Lewis and Andy Watmore) who voted in favour of him being reprimanded on the issue will reflect on their decision.

John Green

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