Time to get roads back on track


I was interested to read that Devon County Council has received a £9.1million cash injection from the Government’s pothole repair fund.

I sincerely hope that some of this money will be used to resurface the A3176 from Bulverton to the ‘pinchpoint’ in Station Road. This road has been in an appalling condition for many months, and as the main route into Sidmouth from the west, I hate to think of the impression it has given to visitors to the town - not to mention the damage to their vehicles suspensions.

Bearing in mind that the road runs right past their offices, I wonder that members of the East Devon District Council seem not to have been particularly bothered in getting anything done about it as yet.

While on the subject of roads, I note that someone has also suggested widening the pavements from All Saints Road down to the Esplanade. I agree that this would be an excellent idea, but as both the High Street and Fore Street are narrow enough as it is, would this not also mean banning vehicles from parking - including delivery traffic?

Roger Howell

Newton Poppleford